Types of Bikini Waxing

Bikini waxing for women is especially popular in the summer. Another favorite time for women to start bikini waxing is when they are planning on going on vacation. The length of time between necessary applications is the main advantage to waxing the bikini area but also considered is the stubble free appearance that lends a cleaner, smoother appearance.

Hair removal in the bikini area is a personal decision based on your preference. However there are several types of bikini wax that can be chosen depending on what you prefer. Before waxing, you should know what types are available and how they are accomplished so you can make an informed decision.

Types of Bikini Waxing

Bikini waxing can be done in either a salon by an esthetician or at home. At home bikini waxing can be accomplished with a little practice and know how. However, some women opt to go to a salon for bikini waxing because it can sometimes be difficult to apply and remove the wax properly in that area.

You may need to contort into uncomfortable positions and it may be difficult to get to the area fully for the most effective hair removal. If you opt for in home waxing, practice makes perfect. You may need to experiment a bit before you come up with the best technique that works for you.

A spa bikini wax is easy, inexpensive and done by a professional. It is a bit invasive because you are waxing an intimate area, but the professionals have seen it all and they will be discreet and put you at ease. It is also a lot easier and faster to get it done professionally. You will be assured of a clean waxing with as little pain as possible.

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A regular bikini wax simply removes hair on the sides of the bikini area. Basically, it cleans up the area that may be exposed when wearing a bathing suit or bikini. This type of waxing is great for women who are waxing for the first time. It is also the easiest type of wax to perform at home.

A landing strip is where a patch of hair is left in the front but the sides are more closely removed. A French wax is similar to a landing strip except the amount of hair left is a very thin line. A Brazilian wax is the most popular form of hair removal in the bikini area nowadays.

This type removes all the hair in the pubic region so the area is completely hair free. This type is often used by women who wear skimpier clothes. It is also, according to recent studies, the style most preferred by men.

A variation of the most common types of hair removal in the bikini area is to create geometric designs in the hair that is left. Typically this is a difficult process to manage at home and is only performed by highly skilled estheticians. A heart is a popular design to use. Also, the cost for special designs is often more expensive because of the increased time and skill involved.

Bikini waxing will give you the confidence you need to wear bathing suits. In the summer, this is an ideal solution to keep the area free from unwanted hair. It is also great for vacationers who do not want to hassle with shaving and the possibility of razor burn.


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