Top 5 Hair Removal Methods

All right everyone right now we will cover a topic which’s very helpful to those of you who tired of shaving and struggle with unwanted body hair. Because who wants to feel prickly halfway through the day again and this one is not just for the ladies guys.

hair removal method

It is totally cool if you want to take up a little manscaping. Lists the top 5 hair removal mess. in a top 5 spot we have laser hair removal laser involves a technician using pulses of light to essentially burn off the hair from the root. this method is fast and doesn’t hurt too much despite what it sounds like.

But it can also get quite expensive. and companies will try to convince you that it’s permanent but many times this is not the case. you may be saying hello to those stubborn hairs sooner than you realize. i’m back to the number-4 spot is electrolysis.

This is the process of inserting a probe into each and every hair follicle and zapping it with heat or chemical energy killing the follicle. now it can get quite pricey but it’s relatively painless and it’s the only 100% permanent removal solution.

Keep it to a small area though unless you have a hundred and hundreds of dollars, and can sit still for six hours at a time. Having a little tiny needle pumped in jus over and over. number three spot we have waxing.

Although getting hot wax pour it on your body and then ripped off doesn’t sound like the ideal way to spend your day. waxing is less expensive than many methods and longer-lasting. plus you can do it yourself at home if you want and you can do it anywhere even you know you know what it’s super effective but ouch.

Next up in the number two spot depilatory creams. Now Beach and there are the two major brands of creams but try to stay away from the no-name ones because you don’t want to end up with chemical burns. These creams stay on the skin for about 10 minutes and melt the hair away just below the skin.

Super easy and super cheap but don’t attempt it if you have sensitive skin. You don’t want to look like you fell into a fire. and what you’ve all been waiting for the number one we have Appalachian. This is the most underrated but awesome piece of technology, i’ve come across for hair removal.

The a polluters had is basically made up of a bunch of tiny tweezers to pull the hair up at the root. Okay nobody said that this was gonna be the most pain-free method but if you want to hear removal that’s long-lasting and cheaper in the long run this one’s the way to go.

Thank God after making that list I’m virtually hairless naturally but not everyone can be like that. so hopefully you found something in there that works for you, there you have the guy the top 5 hair removal methods.

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