Silk’n Flash & Go Face and Body Permanent Hair Removal Device Review

The Silk’n Flash & Go Permanent Hair Removal Device for Face and Body is an FDA-cleared Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device equipped with 5 levels of energy settings that can be used to remove facial hair and body hair. To achieve the best results, multiple treatments are recommended.

Silkn Flash nGo Permanent Laser Hair removal

How Does It Work
This home IPL hair remover device uses intense light technology called Home Pulsed Light (HPL) to distribute pulsed light into the hair shaft, which is then translated to heat energy targeting the hair follicle to disable it completely.

The Silk’n Flash & Go gives of 1 pulse / 3.5 seconds, which is a lot faster than most of its competitors like SensEpil’s IPL that pulses once every 5 seconds. Retailing at $299, Silk’n Flash & Go is just a tad more expensive than other hair removal devices, however its replacement cartridges are only $40.

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Silkn Flash nGo Permanent Laser Hair removal

Will it Hurt?
The treatment feeling is similar to a rubber band snap or a tiny point of heat. It really depends on a person’s pain threshold, skin sensitivity and tolerance. Other factors that affect the level of pain when using the Flash & Go are the thickness of the hair being removed, and the body area where the device is used.

Silkn Flash nGo Permanent Laser Hair removal

The device has 5 settings, with level 5 giving off the most amount of light and heat energy, and potential level of discomfort, and level 1 obviously has the least. According to varied test, using Flash & Go on the legs would practically be pain free, while there would be a level of discomfort when used on the underarms. As you the number of treatment increases, the pain would subside.

Does Silk’n Flash & Go Work
Because our hair, whether on the head or on the body, grows in 3 stages—resting, growing, shedding—the results vary from one individual to another, and the results vary in different body locations. To achieve maximum benefits with the Silk’n Flash & Go, you should zap the hair while it is on the growth stage. You can do this by targeting the hair shafts in multiple treatments while using the highest setting.

Silkn Flash nGo Permanent Laser Hair removal

You can space the treatments 2 weeks apart, and some tests show that it works best after you have shaved the hair in that body part.

The Verdict
The Silk’n Flash & Go comes with 2 cartridges with 1000 pulses each when you purchase the kit for $299. The retailed cartridges are more value-driven with the number of pulses on each set for $45. We like the speed with which the HPL pulses are distributed to the skin, at 1 pulse per 3.5 seconds, you’ll know that it works better than most IPL devices in the market. The 5-level settings allow you to find the right setting to match your comfort and hair removal needs.

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Silkn Flash nGo Permanent Laser Hair removal

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