Best Way to Remove Facial Hair

Facial hair is not something everyone wants. Women especially would like nothing more than to remove facial hair. So how do you really remove facial hair? There are many ways that you can remove facial hair and now we shall take a look at some of them.

Firstly using razors on the face to remove facial hair is a very big No for women. All those female shaving products out there are not effective at all on the face. Shaving is a very temporary solution and it makes hair appear thicker. So unless you are looking for something manly, do not remove facial hair using razors.

Waxing is probably the most used method to remove facial hair. Waxing is available not only in salons done by professionals but various kits and packages for home use are also available. While waxing is generally quite effective it greatly exfoliates the skin. Sensitive skins may find extreme redness scabs or even burns. When waxing, always make sure that you know what you are doing.

Remove Facial Hair

Sugaring is a more preferred method to remove facial hair over waxing. Sugaring involves the use of either a paste or a gel to remove facial hair. These are made with natural ingredients like lemon, water, and of course sugar. Sugar is much better to remove facial hair since it can remove hair that is even four times smaller than what is possible through waxing. Sugaring is also much less painful.

Another way to remove facial hair is using depilatories or hair removal creams. The main advantage here is the relative ease of use. Depilatories are strong alkaline agents that remove facial hair by breaking it down so that it can be wiped off. The effects only last a few days and you must be careful that the strong chemicals do not harm your skin.

A more common method to remove facial hair is threading. Threading is an ancient are and involves using a thread and a skilled pair of hands to pluck out the individual hairs. Threading is easy on the purse and very precise and it does not use any chemicals. The downside is that it can be quite painful.

Among the gadgets that are available to remove facial hair you might have come across the Coil Hair Remover. These remove facial hair by grabbing and pulling your hair right out from the root. It’s like using a tweezer only much faster since it pulls out many hairs at once instead of one at a time.

More extreme measures can be used to remove facial hair. One is Laser Hair Removal. This will not actually remove facial hair, but will reduce it. It uses a pulsed laser to disable hair follicles and it works best only with light skinned people with dark hair. So far the only FDA approved treatment to remove facial hair is through electrolysis.

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