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Doctor mm board-certified laser dermatologist today’s topic will be a really basic one it’s basically 101 of laser hair removal so we’re starting from basics and I’ll tell you all you need to know and more in regards to laser hair removal.

laser hair removal truth

So the first thing is that if your hair is white it is not suitable for laser hair removal there isn’t being is that we need a chromophore or a target to hit. so laser hair removal only works if you have dark hair. Fact number two: a laser is different from IPL.  Now the industry in Australia and I guess in the u.s. many countries and they’re not regulated because if you these salons are doing things and medical specialists are doing things so it’s out there and everyone does things.

So if you see something called this which is an IPL don’t go near it because this is not gold standard treatment. Yes did we used to do this for laser hair wall or hair removal, yes we did this but this is a decade old technology. Does it work? yes it does but with the newer systems IPL is far far outdated. So if anyone’s trying to convince you to do IPL for hair removal walk away because there are much more effective systems.

Now with laser hair removal they’re basically three things that we want to consider. The wavelength of the laser because that will determine the skin type in the safety visit of the of the laser itself so the wavelength of the laser the inbuilt cooling system of the laser so that will determine both comfort levels and also patient safety and also your skin type what color you are for example for me I would suit a particular laser compared to someone who’s fairer or someone who’s darker.

So we can go through those systems very shortly, so how does laser hair removal work, in order to understand this we have to know the hair cycles 90% of the time hair in the anagen state and is the antigen state in other words a growing phase which we can actually remove the hair.

Now in catagen and telogen the hair sleeping that’s why you need multiple sessions in order to get the best results from hair removal. so with laser hair removal we can use different systems. This one is a 755 Alex using a cryogen system and you can see very shortly what that what it looks like after hair removal should get that slight bit of swelling it’s a little bit too much there but a little bit of swelling a little bit of redness that’s normal.

There are other systems out there for example the luminous uses an 810 diode and it’s basically sucks the skin up and that delivers a pulse which is basically painless. so remember with laser hair removal no matter what wavelength were setting we’re actually aiming not to actually hit the heavy itself but to actually hit the area of the Bulge or the root of the hair itself.

So that is the basis so which lasers have the least pain in regards to hair removal. okay now we can talk about cooling systems now the cooling system is really important for two things number one patient comfort and number two protection of the upper part of your skin or your epidermis .

So remember we do not want to blister the patient we do not want to treat the upper part of the skin we want to preserve that but we want a to deliver all that energy to where the hair bulb is so they’re different cooling systems if we look back to our old fashion oops nearly tripped over their old fashion systems like our IPL.

The cooling system uses a sapphire crystal so this sapphire crystal we still use in the modern cooling systems, so it still pertains to lasers another way of cooling system or or basically to decrease pain is to use what’s known as a gated theory and the gated theory is basically suctioning of the skin and luminous makes a really good lay circle the light shear that’s probably my favorite laser is an 810 diode and it works by actually sucking the skin and realistically this treatment is is painless.

So watch me having the close it done right you do it,  so we’re doing I’m here removal now. Okay so what do I feel then really it’s probably one out let’s keep going all the way down my upper burnt head everywhere I should be I should be shade sir but that’s fine.

I’m even with burned hair like seriously um the paint I can actually talk through it’s really 1 out of 10 ok let’s top of them so I do they share shape on me I get it but I didn’t do that for the purpose but look this is this machine. I think is the future 810 diode and for my skin type especially for my leg when we’re using large spot areas it’s very quick to what do you want that you want a reliable effective painless but also super quick procedure and this is it hey you come here I’ll show you the another thing this is a treatment which I had have a look at this guy’s so that is a trick which I had which is one treatment of this 810 diode two months ago you can see it’s almost hairless compared to the other dry skin I screened out a four they were compared to the other leg so you can see how good this machine is that’s just which one treatment eight weeks ago okay and the third thing we can do for pain relief as well as cooling is to actually use what’s known as a Zimmer a Zimmer machine basically blows cold air and decreases pain that much okay guys so this is what we call the simmer core to fit in the cheese it’s basically like a refrigerator with a air conditioner is this basically the most cold air and that alleviates the pain where you actually having a hair removal it doesn’t really protect the skin unlike what a cryogen treatment can but it actually helps with the pain so it’s just cold air and it’s distracting for the patient so this is another way of actually decreasing pain from hair-removal not as good as cryogen but like I said it’s better than nothing I’ve got a tech over here from sinner on candela who’s going to explain to us in 10 seconds while the cried in chemistry and what it looks like so we backed another machine opened up here just as we’re servicing it so let’s go what we’re looking at here mate you go that’s the cryogen chemist Illya yep and in this box here there’s a heater yep that heats the cannister up until we get 100 in the 18 psi yeah and then there’s a hose actually goes up through to the front panel yeah yep and there’s a little valve in the front of the handpiece here well this releases the cryogen super-good how’s that by flip we’re getting a laser service now and look cryogen i guess with the cooling system degrees probably the best way of pain relief and protecting the skin more accurate IRA can work within gel i hate working with gel and gels really messy and the azuma coolers yeah yeah okay yeah you have complete control over the dose with a cryogenic engine yeah I’m a technician absolutely look like I’m on my clinician he’s the technician we both agree that pride in is probably the better system for cooling yeah and I think from a safety point of view as well especially when we’re using these for port wine stains and exactly and infra vascular work yeah we had this absolutely please no Cooper okay let’s talk about some myths about laser hair removal and myth but this myth bust a few things first of all is it permanent yes it’s permanent reduction but it’s not a permanent treatment most people will need top ups at some stage of your life and the ones that need top ups are usually the ones that hum only driven so 10 to 20 percent of females will suffer something called PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome this is a hormone ly driven process by which you get excessive hair known as pursued ism so for these people laser hair removal does not work as well when it comes to perma see so they will need two or three top ups possibly to the three top ups a year maybe you wanted to top ups after that okay so that’s the first thing the second thing is that for men especially because we’ve got lots more testosterone our hair tends to be thicker and especially with our back back hair you will need more treatments sometimes up to ten treatments and because it’s testosterone driven sometimes it tends to recur much quicker than hair in females for example oh another myth about hair removal is how often you need to get it done it’s not a one or two treatment process it’s multiple treatments how many treatment depends on your genetics so for example as in patients like myself we’re kind of hairless compared to let’s say with without being predators to Greeks for example you’ve got more hair so it depends on genetics it depends on race depends on individual factors as well and most patients will need at least five to ten treatments depending on the area and depending on the hair type and ethnic background so there are many variables and someone who’s good at doing hair removal with know approximately how many treatments you will require okay so how do we prepare ourselves for laser hair removal the first thing is very important the first thing you want to do is avoid sun exposure so avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks before laser hair removal that also includes using fake tans because what we want to do is you want to hit the chromophore basically it’s a target which is the melanin within your hair follicle itself so if you’re tan it makes it most the laser energy gets taken up by your skin so it makes it less efficient and more unsafe is a high chance of blistering so that’s the first thing avoid tanning for at least two weeks before the second thing is avoid plucking your hair avoid plucking your hair while waxing your hair for at least two to three weeks prior because remember we want that actual hair bulb there so if you pluck that there’s no target to hit okay number three make sure you shave the reason why you want to shave the night before is because we don’t want the laser itself to hit the hair on the outside we basically want the laser the target the hair bulb which is underneath your skin so if you shave the night before you’re going to be much more efficient when it comes to the laser energy the fourth thing as well as sun protection afterwards super important to remember to actually look after your skin if you do go out after laser you make it post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or skin darkening so stay safe with that hey guys look thanks so much for watching this video it’s a really basic video on laser hair removal and it’s a procedure which everyone is doing but I guess no one that’s really making good videos on how to actually look after your skin or the truth about a hair removal so guys just to summarize laser hair removal 101 okay first thing is this like I said no I peel if someone tries to offer you an IPL to walk away because it’s going to cost you a lot more money in the long run it’s not as effective and it’s a more side effects so what my top three lasers top three lasers are this if you have type 1 type 2 skin in other words you’re Caucasian a 755 or an 810 do it will be suitable for you so if you’re going to play it safe I’ll say an 8/10 diode I like the light year myself but there are lots of other companies like for example sign the show that makes a great 810 diode and I know that salt are the ones who make Fraxel is making an 810 diodes on the market at the moment in the US so a 10 diode for me is number one a 755 Alex which is what we use as well from sin Iran candelas number two and for someone who’s got darker skin tone like me someone is African American or Indian try Lankan or just basically type five type skin the only laser that is safe is the long pulse 1064 MVA so you do not go for any other laser but that or you will burn okay so that’s it just to summarize with the 1064 I think the laser of choice now is probably by sinner on Candela that’s a gentle maxpro it’s got a great cooling system so now if we talk about cooling systems heroes here’s my advice I like the gated theory from luminous that’s the one that sucks up the skin because I feel no pain at all but that’s limited by the spot size the second thing as you hear everyone say is the cryogen because that’s actually gas which protects your skin and the third thing is Zimmer and that’s way down the track because it’s basically just cold air blowing on your skin so remember guys keep that in mind the type of laser the way laser wavelength your skin type and the cooling mechanism and whatever you do don’t go for I feel stay safe look I’ll see you next Saturday and we’ll pick another topic to talk about that’s interesting so hey if you like this channel please subscribe one video every Saturday morning thanks for that guys bye hey guys once again the big thank you to all my subscribers like I said this channel can’t be done without you guys really appreciate it and all you guys want to know a little bit more I usually post a few pics in a few videos on Instagram so you can find me on Instagram so it’s a little bit more about me and the procedures I do on the daily basis I’ll see you in Excel later thanks for that guys bye you

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