Preparing for a Salon Bikini Wax

Every woman wants to have a sexy appearance, especially when wearing more revealing clothes. This is especially true in the summer time, during vacations or whenever a bathing suit is worn. This is the main reason many women choose to use a hair removal method to ensure no unwanted hair is visible in the bikini area.

Shaving is an option but razor burn is easy to get and you will find yourself having to shave every few days at a bare minimum. Waxing as a hair removal system, however, is a much better solution. Waxing will last for several weeks so it is a much more convenient solution for women who want to remain hair free in that area.

However, some women are unable to easily or comfortably do a waxing treatment at home by themselves. So, their only other option is to go to a salon. But, since it is a rather personal area to wax, some women hesitate to go to a professional hair removal specialist because they will be embarrassed or fear that they may have ill effects from the waxing. However, there is nothing to worry about.

Bikini Waxing

If you choose a good salon to go to for a bikini wax, you can be assured of a professional attitude and skilled estheticians. The hair removal experts will put you at ease and finish the job quickly. They have seen it all and are not fazed by this.

It is their job. Their professional demeanor will also put you at ease during the process. Prior to getting a bikini wax, make sure the area is clean and dry. It may help to use a gentle exfoliating scrub for a few weeks prior to the treatment but within twenty four hours of it. Also the hair has to be at least a quarter inch thick before it can be waxed.

If the hair is longer than a quarter inch thick, the hair removal specialist will trim it to that length. A wax will be applied to the area, a cloth strip smoothed into place and then it will ripped off, taking the hair with it.

The hair is extracted by the root and this can sometimes be painful especially if it is the first time. However, a professional can go through this process quickly and minimize the pain. You may be asked to change positions through the process so the person waxing can access the area better.

A professional bikini wax in a salon costs approximately fifty dollars but you can spend up to one hundred dollars in more exclusive spas and salons. You will need to decide what type of bikini wax you want to get also. Beginners may want to start with a regular bikini wax at first and move on to more hair getting removed as you get more comfortable with the process.

A Brazilian bikini wax is the most popular and this is where all the hair is completely removed from the pubic area in its entirety. If you are wary about this, though, start off with less hair removal until you are comfortable. After a few waxing sessions, the hair will become finer and the hair removal process quicker and less painful. Even though the first time can be awkward and uncomfortable, after awhile it will be very easy and you will have a smooth bikini area for weeks to come.


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