Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal Device Review

Today I wanted to talk about at home laser hair removal. I am in the stage of getting ready for the summer, it’s almost summer here in Australia and even though I’m not about that dolphin skin life all year round.

Philips Lumea ipl review

I’m especially about that silky smooth life in summer and I really feel like a lot of hair removal grooming processes need to start before summer, especially if you’re going to be using things like laser or IPL just like you get your toned bikini bod in winter and spring for the summer.

I think it’s the same when it comes to hair removal get your hair removal down pat before the summer even comes along, when it comes to beauty I think preparation is key and hair removal, it’s definitely one of those things where preparation is absolutely key, and I don’t know about you.

but when I am tsuki smooth from the eyebrows down, I just feel amazing I feel like a goddess, I just feel so much better about myself. so I like to have my entire routine all set out and know what I’m doing, when I’m doing it. but of course body hair removal is one of the most time-consuming and expensive things ever.

when it comes to getting things done at the salon, it can get really, really, really expensive and then when it comes to doing things at home they don’t sometimes have the best results. I wanted to jump at the chance to use this device but I was also really really skeptical about it.

sometimes these at-home devices claim to have in salon results and I don’t know about that. sometimes I disagree but I definitely wanted to try it out and get a verdict for you guys. I get a lot of questions about hair removal in general so I thought this is one of the perfect devices for me to try out for you guys.

if you’re unfamiliar with the term IPL it just basically means high intensity light pulses and when you emit these into the skin, it causes the hair follicle to shed and it leaves smooth skin behind. so that’s basically the science behind it down in a nutshell.

the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal device is formulated around all of those kind of in salon techniques and devices. but brought to you in a much safer and more compact way for you choose at home. Check Philips Lumea IPL device price at amazon

I was kind of skeptical about how heavy and bulky and annoying it would be when I was going to try it out. but actually it’s super lightweight, it’s cordless. you charge it in the end and once you plug it out you can just bring it around anywhere with you.

you can select your intensity which is based on your skin tone and your hair coloring which is all explained to you in the manual that you get with the device. you press the device against the skin and press the button, that’s it.

I was expecting this when I turn this off for a second through this kind of loud I was expecting it to be really complicated when I first got it. I took out the manual I was like this is going to be the one device that I do not just try and like used by myself.

because I sometimes do that when I get a device at home. I’m just like, oh I don’t need the instructions, I’ll do it myself. but when it comes to like light pulses and stuff you kinda want to make sure you know what you’re talking about.

but actually there’s like a Quick Start guide in the box and it’s just so easy to use. I was actually really really surprised. so the device also comes with three heads. they all look like this but they’re just varying sizes depending on whether you want to use the device on your face or on your bikini line or on your body.

the device can be used on the face, the underarms, the legs, the stomach and the bikini line, pretty much everywhere. but it would list everything in your guide. again the manual is so important to read as you can see before.

when I was using the device it’s quite quick. so usually you just find yourself kind of pressing clicking for the light and then just sliding down. so you kind of end up working like the speed here which to me is really fast.

I was expecting it to be a little bit more finicky than that overall. I would say the process takes me about 15 minutes or so and I’ve been using it on my underarms, my bikini line and my lower legs. so the one question you guys are waiting to have answered is does it work and I am very very happy that it actually does.

I really went into this so skeptical and I just didn’t know what to expect results wise. I think my borrow is they’re pretty low for it but actually I’ve been really pleasantly surprised when you’re going through the IPL process you prep the body by exfoliating.

making sure that you don’t have any town on and also removing the hair, so you would shave your body in the places where you’re going to be using the IPA advice and then you use it and you kind of have to wait then to see the results.

I have waited about two weeks in between treatments and I think I’ve had the device now for just under six weeks. so I’ve used it three times, yet three times and but the only way that I can describe the results and how you notice the results is so on the day that you use it you are shaving and you’re already smooth.

so when you use the device you don’t really know what’s happening there. but it’s kind of in the weeks after that that you start to see that your hair growth cycle is very different and the texture and feeding of your hair and skin is a lot different.

so in the past, whenever I’ve shaved I have been prone to sensitivity and ingrown hairs and you know the usual things that come along with shaving. but what I found is that the hair was first of all growing back a lot slower normally.

I would shave my legs every other day but it was growing back a lot slower and a lot finer. I didn’t feel like the hairs were quite as course they were a lot softer and more like baby like hairs that was the first thing I noticed and then secondly when I shaved my legs.

so you still would keep up with the shaving process you know in between treatments. so you’re doing the IPL every two weeks but in between those two weeks if you have any hair growth, you can, you know shave your legs too.

so I was finding that when I shaved my legs the results that were left over behind were way smoother than normal. so yeah normally when you shave your legs it’s not exactly like baby baby soft skin like within half a day. you do notice that you’ve shaved like there’s a bit of stubble there I guess or something I don’t know if this is just me but I’m thinking this might be everyone in general.

but when I shaved after having used the philips lumea IPL hair removal device i found that like when i shaved the results were so much more smooth and I wasn’t shaving like the next day or even the day after or the day after. my results were lasting quite a long time and I would consistently always have to shave every like second day if I want smooth legs.

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so in terms of the hair growing back it was much softer and a lot less coarse and there was a lot less of it as well. it was growing back more patchy and when I was actually removing the hair that was growing back it was leaving behind a much softer and smoother result.

so that’s kind of like the first couple of weeks what I noticed then I went through the treatment again exfoliated shaved and did the treatment on the same areas again. so I found that the area had a lot less hair on it. it was the hair was even softer again and the growth was less the coarseness was less everything was multiplied again. it was just less than the last time.

I have also used it recently I think it was a few days ago and again I’m finding that the results. I just haven’t had to really do anything in days and normally I would have to keep up that hair removal quite often. of course you guys want to know what I recommend this device and the answer is absolutely yes.

I think there are so many girls who would benefit from having the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal device at home and being able to do IPL hair removal at home. I think the first type of girl that would absolutely love this device is a girl who is time-poor.

my sister in particular I had this conversation with her the other day where she was scheduled to do laser hair removal and then she was running late at work and she missed her appointment and then she tried to book herself back in.

but she had fake tan on and they wouldn’t take her in and she just found herself missing out on that entire stage of hair removal and just getting really really annoyed. I think that if you are a time poor girl like my sister you would really really like this device for just being able to do it at home and working it into your own busy schedule without having to worry about going anywhere to get hair removal done.

another type of girl that I think would really love this are girls who are a little bit shy about the whole hair removal process. I know that some of us aren’t exactly 100% body confident and we don’t want someone kind of looking at her bits and stuff.

so I think girls who are a little bit more shy about the whole hair removal process would really really like this device especially if you are like a darker haired girl who suffers with maybe body hair on the stomach or something this way you can just deal with it at home by yourself and you don’t have to worry about anyone else seeing it.

I don’t think anyone should ever be embarrassed about hair removal anyway but just in case you are. I think you would really really like this device and then of course a girl like me who just loves having silky smooth skin all the time, all summer, all day all night and you want to be able to do it at home whenever you please and I have to waste around or spend a fortune.

you will love this device just as much as I do. like I said I’ve been using it for six weeks and I’m already so so impressed. I think one of the main benefits as well is that it’s cost effective when you go in for a laser treatment or an IPL treatment in a salon.

it doesn’t feel that expensive maybe on the day but when you add all of the treatments up it can be thousands of dollars and that just isn’t suitable for a lot of growers budgets and I think it’s unfair to assume that everyone can just afford in salon prices even though it is a bit expensive to buy.

it is yours then and you just have it at your disposal for as many treatments as you wish. so I think the cost per use is a little bit better. I did a little bit of research and I think they say that it costs one dollar fifty per use. so I think that’s super cost-effective.

I don’t know about you little bit of interesting information there I’ve had a huge reduction in ingrown hairs as well which i think is a big thing for a lot of girls. I also meant to mention the pain level to me. the pain level is minimal. I wouldn’t even use the word pain.

I think the way to describe it would be when the devices on the skin it feels like a flash of heat and kind of like a little like elastic band flick but I wouldn’t call it pain. I think epilating is more painful. I don’t really find epilating that painful.

I think pain is such a dramatic word but um it is definitely way less painful than epilating. so if you’re not a fan of epilating you might like this and its incomparable to anything else. I really don’t think it is sore. I actually think looking my eyes are sore then what it’s like to use the Phillips Lumiere IPL device it really just isn’t painful to me at all and I use it on the highest setting.

because that’s the setting that suits my skin tone the best. so if I’m using it on the most painful setting and I don’t think it’s painful I think you guys will be fine. I don’t think you will feel anything at all of course.

so let’s have a chat in the comments below girls. I want to know what your hair removal process is do you go into salons to get waxing done do Shea at home do you get laser hair removal do you get IPL. would you use this device at home yourself.

I want to know what your favorite hair removal beauty routine is and do you think you would get this device is it something that you think that you would really like to have at your own disposal at home to just deal with your body hair whenever you feel like it. let’s have a chat in the comments below.

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