Permanent Facial Hair Removal

It is not only the men who have more facial hair then they may want, some women do too. Permanent facial hair removal then seems like the long awaited solutions to all their follicle related worries. There are hundreds of hair removal options and products available the local drugstores today.

Unfortunately, as a consumer we do not have the know withal to make the appropriate choice of products that would best suit our individual hair removal needs. There are two types of facial hair that we may want to know about prior to attempting permanent facial hair removal removal.

The first type, Vellus hairs are the almost invisible hair that is soft and short. Age or health related reasons could turn these vellus hairs into terminal hairs, which are the dark, visible hairs that sometimes grow on the face.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal

The current methods of hair removal are shaving, threading or plucking and waxing, which is neither permanent and without its own drawbacks such as skin irritation and the constant requirement to withstand pain.

Hair removal creams and products contain ingredients that are of an acidic nature that literally melt the hair away and could cause great irritation to sensitive skin. Taking into account the stress most of us go through just to be hair free, opting for a solution that could provide permanence should be worth the consideration.

Currently there are two methods of permanent facial hair removal and are sought for by the many women that cannot deal with the hassle of pruning and trimming of facial hair. The first method is electrolysis, where the root of the hair follicle is killed through inserting a needle into the follicle.

The root is deadened through the passing of an electric shock of through the hair root. It is a very costly and time consuming procedure, and even a small area such as the upper lip takes between 4 to 10 hours. The process is painful and other side effects of scarring and inflammation may occur. There is also a risk of infection if the needles used aren’t properly sterilized.

The second method of permanent facial hair removal is the laser hair removal treatment. A laser is directed onto the hair follicle through the skin and kills the follicle. It typically works best on light skinned individual with dark hair, as the melanin in the hair absorbs more of the laser light.

This method of permanent facial hair removal is deemed permanent, but often visits every 6 months are required due to re growth. The procedure has also found certain cases to have drawbacks of burning and scarring.

Many companies are now currently involved in providing do-it-you-self permanent facial hair removal procedures such as electrolysis and laser treatments. Considering the risks that could ensue it is wiser to let a professional perform such procedures if it is permanent hair removal that you are considering.

However it is common knowledge that there is no 100 percent guarantee of permanent facial hair removal. If you are suffering from excessive hair growth, the smart thing to do would be to consult a doctor prior to involving yourself in these procedures.

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