Most Effective Ways to Do it yourself Bikini Waxing

Bikini waxing is one of the most popular forms of hair removal, especially for women. Women want to feel sexy and confident, especially when they are wearing something revealing like a bikini or bathing suit. Hair removal on the bikini area is one way to attain this.

Some women will go to a professional esthetician to get a bikini wax. These hair removal experts can be found in spas or salons. It can be convenient and easy to get a bikini wax at a salon but there are drawbacks. Some women are embarrassed to go to a professional for such an intimate area. Also, a bikini wax can be quite expensive, costing up to one hundred fifty dollars.

So, some women choose to do a bikini wax at home. They can save a lot of money by purchasing a do it yourself hair removal kit. You also get to do it in the privacy of your own home which can be comforting to some people. However, home waxing the bikini area is not without its challenges.

Waxing itself takes some skill and finesse. It may take a little time to get experienced enough to where waxing is easy to do on your own. This issue intensified when it is the bikini area because it can be difficult to reach and you may have to contort a bit to get all the areas.


Bikini waxing

So, it is important to have some patience and learn the most effective ways to do a bikini waxing at home. The most difficult part of a bikini waxing at home is inflicting the pain on yourself. This is why do it yourself bikini waxing is not recommended for first timers. After a time, the hair follicles will weaken making the process easier and less painful. Wait until this happens before attempting a do it yourself bikini wax.

Hard wax is the most preferred wax to use for the bikini area. It will need to be warmed to soften and applied when warm but not too hot. Make sure the hair is a quarter to one half inch long and no longer. If need be, trim to that length.

Apply the warmed wax to a small area approximately three inches long. Work from the outside in and smooth the wax in the direction of the hair growth. Hard wax is a bit more forgiving as far as thickness is concerned which is one of its benefits for use in this area.

As the wax cools and begins to harden, lift a corner so you can grab it easily. The wax should be hard but still slightly warm to the touch. Then, hold the skin tight and pull the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Make a quick, smooth motion and the hair and wax will be removed in one stroke. Continue with this process alternating sides and moving to the center each time.

While waxing a bikini area is never pain free, it can be less daunting with time. Using the proper wax and techniques you can make it as quick as possible and as painless as possible. When you are finished with waxing the bikini area, make sure not to wear tight clothing over it for forty eight hours and avoid sexual activity for at least ten.

Applying a soothing lotion of tea tree oil will also help any sting, soreness or redness that might occur immediately following the waxing.

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