Medical Lasers and Other Ways of Getting Rid of Body Fat and Cellulite

Body fat and the cellulite dimples it creates on the surface of the skin can be very upsetting. Nobody wants to suffer the embarrassment of having others notice their cellulite problems. That’s why the business of getting rid of body fat and cellulite is thriving. If you have a cosmetic procedure business, you can use that to your advantage by incorporating various treatments that will help your clients get rid of fat and cellulite, including medical laser treatments.

medical laser for cellulite

What is the Difference Between Body Fat and Cellulite?

Body fat lies below the surface of the skin. It collects in the tissue and eventually causes large fat deposits to build up. Cellulite dimples happen on the surface of the skin as that fat builds up. So, getting rid of the fat itself can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite dimples, but getting rid of cellulite dimples won’t necessarily get rid of underlying fat deposits.

What Cosmetic Treatments Can Reduce Cellulite Dimples?

There are several types of cosmetic procedures such as a laser treatment that you can offer to clients who want to get rid of their unwanted cellulite dimples. Radio Frequency treatments are one popular option. They use radio frequency waves to stimulate the cells and coax them into producing more of the substances that hold them together, such as collagen. Once those bonds are strengthened, the skin will appear to be smoother and flatter.

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In fact, just about any cosmetic treatment that targets skin cells to even out wrinkles can also reduce the appearance of cellulite dimples. Those include Dermaroller treatments, ultrasound, and of course laser skin treatments using medical laser equipment. Each one can help to smooth out the skin and give a person more self-confidence.

Are There Any Cosmetic Treatments That Can Get Rid of the Fat Itself?

The answer is yes, there are plenty of options for treating the fat itself using cosmetic means. One of the best is to use a high-intensity laser. Laser skin procedures and medical lasers can actually heat up and kill some fat cells. Although, it may take a while for the client to see a noticeable difference, since their body will have to gradually flush out those dead fat cells over time.

Another option for killing off fat cells is freezing, or CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting treatments work because fat freezes at a warmer temperature than other more vital parts of the body. By freezing the fat cells and nothing else, the fat cells are eliminated without doing any permanent damage to the rest of the body’s cells and organs.

However, if you plan to offer CoolSculpting treatments to your clients, make sure that you explain to them that freezing techniques can only be used on certain body parts. They are not for use on body parts with nerves that are too sensitive or too close to the top layer of skin.

How Do I Choose the Best Treatments to Provide for My Clients?

When trying to decide whether to provide cosmetic lasers or other treatments to benefit your clients, you only really need to answer two questions. The first is what are your regular clients most likely to want? The second is how much money are you willing to invest.


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