Me My Elos Syneron Permanent Infra-red Light Review

There is a new leader in hair removal devices — Me My Elos Syneron Permanent Infra-red Light. This system is superior to any other IPL home systems because it has features that are better than its competitors.

Me My Elos Syneron Permanent Infra-red Light Review

It is a combination of two technologies: Radio Frequency or RF and Intense Pulsed Light or IPL. IPL is a very popular technology used in turning light into focused heat and this is pulsed at dark matter such as the hair. RF, on the other hand, charges extra heat into the shaft of the hair to disable the hair follicle.

The Me My Elos takes advantage of these technologies to make a smart epilator that removes hair for both short term and long term results. This handset can work as a shaver or an epilator so when it glides over your skin it shaves the hair and disables the hair follicle under the skin. This means that unlike other hair removal device, you won`t have to shave before using it and you get a smooth feel on your skin in a shorter period.

The Me My Elos system is plug and play and only requires minimal preparation and organization before each use unlike its competitors, you don`t need to pre-shave, pre-condition, and prepare your skin before the hair removal treatment.

Unlike other devices, the Me My Elos can be used by people who have darker skin, so this is a big break for men and women who haven`t been able to use hair removal devices in the past because of the skin tone requirement. Now, people with tanned or dark skin can have unwanted hair-free and smooth skin.

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The Me My Elos Syneron Permanent Infra-red Light is also faster and easier to use, in fact it can remove all unwanted body hair within 30 minutes, something unheard of in other hair devices. Other home systems require a series of overlaps during treatment, but with the Me My Elos, you just need to slide the device over your skin just as if you are using an electric shaver.

The Verdict

The Me My Elos uses 2 technologies (IPL and RF) to emit light that is transformed into heat within a fraction of a second, and this destroys the hair follicle and inhibits growth.

Both men and women can use it, and even those who have darker skin tones (1-6), including dark brown. It can also be used on all hair colors, not like other systems that don’t work on really light-colored hair such as grey and blond. The Me My Elos Syneron Permanent Infra-red Light is truly worth the investment and is undeniably the best home hair removal system in the market today.

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