Make Facial Hair Grow

Wanting to make facial hair grow has always been part of the male image. Ever since the preteen years when the first hints of a beard start to show men have wanted to make facial hair grow. While there are many methods and products that say that they will make facial hair grow, in reality there are many factors that can affect facial hair growth.

The most prominent factor to make facial hair grow is actually your genetic characteristics. That is the tendency that you were born with to make facial hair grow. This depends on each individual and varies as much as the styles of facial hair out there.

Most men are able to make facial hair grow moderately immediately after puberty. Usually this means sideburns, an average beard and a mustache. Some men are only able to make facial hair grow in certain regions on the face such as the sides and the chin area while having completely bare skin in other areas of the face.

Make Facial Hair GrowSome men are completely unable to make facial hair grow completely and will have half grown areas, and there are me who cannot make facial hair grow at all. All these growth patterns mostly depend on inherited traits. While in general the way your close family members make facial hair grow would be similar to your own there is no guarantee that your facial hair will grow in the same manner.

There are those who believe that shaving will make a positive impact on how you make facial hair grow. But in reality this is not the case. After shaving it may feel like it was able to make facial hair grow, but that is only an illusion based on the shape of the hair follicles.

Hair is naturally thicker towards the root end. When you shave you cut off the thinner softer top part of the hair leaving behind the thicker end or root. This gives the illusion that you can make facial hair grow more by shaving, but when it grows back it will grow back the slim end and not thick like the root. It is simple myth. If shaving could make facial hair grow more, wouldn’t everyone be sporting full beards?

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The only real medically proven method to make facial hair grow is testosterone treatments. Doctors can check the amount of testosterone in your bloodstream and prescribe doses of testosterone. This will definitely make facial hair grow, but it does have side effects so be aware of the risks before taking such steps.


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