Lip Waxing for Women

Waxing is a popular hair removal method for various areas of the body. Most women choose to use waxing as hair removal because it is so convenient. It lasts a long time, from two to six weeks, and leaves the skin looking clean and smooth. It is also relatively easy to accomplish.

You can wax for hair removal at salon or home and either choice is fairly inexpensive. Because of how long waxing lasts, it is often a better option than shaving or other hair removal techniques. But most areas of the body that are typically waxed are waxed for convenience. With lip waxing for women, though, the reasons are often for vanity.

Lip Waxing for Women

Most women have some type of hair on their upper lip. Some women have more pronounced hair than others, though. Facial hair is a predominantly male trait so having excessive, visible hair on the upper lip can be embarrassing.

For those women, it can be a blow to self esteem and confidence. However, waxing is the ideal solution. Waxing will ensure hair removal plus it will last a long time. Nobody will ever need to know that the lady has hair on her upper lip with regular waxing.

There are several advantages to waxing the upper lip. Other hair removal products can be quite irritating when it comes to that sensitive area of the face. Shaving will ensure stubble and can cause razor burn. Depilatory creams are not recommended because of the harsh chemicals which can irritate the skin and make it obvious that hair removal occurred.

However, waxing takes care of all those issues. Waxing the upper lip is relatively painless. It is a quick process that will remove the hair in its entirety. While some redness may occur, it usually goes away after a couple hours immediately following the hair removal.

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The chances of persistent skin irritations or ingrown hairs are slim for the upper lip. The hair will grow back but the advantage to waxing over other options is twofold. First, as opposed to shaving that may only last a day or so before stubble is seen, waxing lasts for several weeks.

Usually two to six weeks will pass before there is noticeable hair growth in the area. Also, when hair does grow back it is not coarse and stubbly but finer and sparser. With continued waxing you will find that the time between waxing can be extended and the hair growth is diminished significantly. This is because the root of the hair follicle becomes damaged an does not grow back as strong as it once was.

Waxing can be a great advantage for women who have hair on their upper lip. Lip waxing can be accomplished in a salon or spa by a licensed esthetician. The cost for this is reasonable and typically costs between five and fifteen dollars per application.

You can save money also by waxing at home. The process for lip waxing is simple and in such a small area has little chance of error. When removing the wax, make sure to hold the skin taut. This can be a bit tricky at first but gets easier with time and practice. It may take a few tries but when you get the hang of it you can wax the upper lip with confidence.


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