I-Light Pro Plus Permanent Hair Reduction System Review

The I-Light Pro Plus Permanent Hair Reduction System is another quality product from Remington. It is a DIY intense pulsed light (IPL) permanent hair removal device with five setting levels and a built-in skin sensor. It is FDA cleared and it is designed to be used on body hair below the neck, including the stomach, underarms, bikini line, arms, legs, and chest. 

It is not recommended to use the device for removal of neck, ears, or head hair. It should also not be used on eyelashes or eyebrows. The I-Light Pro promises results after multiple treatments.

Remington I Light Pro Hair Removal System

I-Light Pro Plus—How Does it Work
The I-Light Pro Plus device uses IPL or intense pulsed light called ProPulse Technology. It works by letting the light travel through the skin and targeting areas where the most melanin is found, which is on the roots of the hair. The pulsed light is then converted into heat energy, which then disables the hair follicles.

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Because the light will seek out the melanin of the hair, it will optimally work on dark hair and will produce better results on people with brown, black or dirty blond hair. There may be some reduction on red or blond hair, but tests show better results on darker hair. Those with grey or white hair may find a lack of results.
People with light to medium dark skin tones can use the device safely. If your skin tone is very dark, either from a sun tan or natural skin tone, the I-Light Pro Plus will attach the skin color instead. This is why the built-in skin color sensor comes in handy as it will test the skin tone and indicate if yours is within the safe range.

Remington I Light Pro Hair Removal System

Does it Hurt
Any IPL hair removal device can produce different levels of heat sensation and a feeling similar to a rubber band snap. The level of discomfort will also vary depending on an individual’s pain threshold, skin sensitivity, the thickness and color of the hair.
The device comes in five levels and you can adjust it according to your comfort level. The fifth level is the highest setting and it gives off more energy and leads to optimal hair reduction results.

According to Remington, the I-Light Pro Plus has output similar to hair reduction machines found in clinics that can cost $100,000 or more. This home IPL device applies a 110 millisecond light pulse that completely and slowly heats the hair shaft without heating up the surrounding skin. The high-technology optics deliver maximized output on the target while reducing hot spots on the skin surrounding the hair shaft.

Remington I Light Pro Hair Removal System

Is it Effective
Our body hair go through three life stages: growing, resting and then finally shedding. But they don’t go through these stages all at the same time, which is why it is important to zap the hair while at its growing stage to fully disable the follicle.
Hair reduction treatment with I-Light Pro Plus is not a one-time thing. The manufacturer highly recommends that three treatments for the first month with 2 week intervals should be followed to thoroughly zap the hair follicle.

The Verdict
At $249.99 suggested retail price, the package comes with 1 cartridge that will last for 1,500 flashes, or good for 2-3 treatments covering the bikini area, underarms and lower legs. We tested this product on 2 women, one with lighter color hair and the other with dark brown hair. Both women underwent 3 treatments, and both were pleased with the results. So, yes it works, and it is truly worth the investment.

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Remington I Light Pro Hair Removal System

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