How To Preparing For a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

I’m going to be doing a guide on laser hair removal and what happens before during and after a laser hair removal session. I’m gonna start off by giving you a quick overview on the science behind laser hair removal. The laser works with a highly concentrated monochromatic light, which is one wavelength emitted at the hair follicle.


The pigment or melanin in the follicle absorbs the light causing hair to destroy at the roots. Since the hair growth cycle has three phases antigen catagen and telogen. It’s important for us to attend a session every four to six weeks, depending on what area is being covered.

We want to be able to reach the follicle at each of these phases ensuring the root is destroyed. We determine settings for laser treatments at Surya Med Spa based on the fitzpatricks scale. This scale is used as a way to classify the response of skin to different UV lights.

So it’s a known fact that not all laser machines work on every skin type,which is why here at Surya Med Spa we carry more than one machine. This helps us guarantee hair reduction for every skin type. You also want to make sure you don’t go tanning two weeks before and two weeks after your treatment.

And if you have been tanning it’s very important to let me know so I can pick the best settings to give you the best results. To prepare for your laser hair removal session you also want to make sure you shave 24 hours prior to your treatment and the reason we shave and don’t allow waxing tweezing or the use of any template or creams, is because when we shave the hairs are removed from above the skin.

However the root is still attached the root is what they’ll AIDS. Our targets and if that’s been removed you won’t achieve the best results possible. I personally prefer that our clients shave within 24 hours of their treatment.

This helps ensure the best results as well as a comfortable treatment. now if you really can’t tolerate any pain there is something that can be done. You can purchase a topical cream that’ll help numb the pain in the desired area of treatments. You can get these prescribed to you from your doctor and this is how to prepare for laser hair removal treatment.

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