How to Become and Esthetician for Hair Removal

Hair removal is a service that is performed by an esthetician. Because a lot of people have unwanted hair, they often turn to hair removal specialists to take care of this problem. Estheticians are hired by full service salons spas and physicians to assist with hair removal.

There are also other skin care issues that are performed by estheticians in order to care for facial issues but hair removal is one of the services in highest demand nowadays. Whether in private practice, working in a salon or with a physician, this career is a highly lucrative one and because of the demand for hair removal has a high retention rate.

Esthetician Hair Removal

If you have an interest in becoming an esthetician, you will need to go to a specialized school and become licensed in the industry. Waxing and electrolysis are among the types of hair removal that are very popular nowadays. Electrolysis is a rather expensive procedure but the advantage of it is that it is permanent.

For this reason, many people who have unwanted hair will invest in this procedure so they no longer have to worry about other forms of hair removal on a continual basis. If you are an esthetician, you will be qualified to perform this procedure and can make significant amounts of money in doing so.

Waxing is another form of hair removal that is a lot more popular because it is more affordable to the average person. Salons and spas often have these services available so a licensed esthetician is necessary. You will receive a salary, often benefits and will also usually get tips as well from customers.

You can make a good living learning about hair removal. This is especially true for hair removal that is recommended to only be conducted by a professional. Some areas of the body are more sensitive and should only be waxed when a hair removal specialist conducts it.

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Beauty is something both men and women are concerned with. Even in tough economic times, there is still a demand for these services so it can be a very lucrative career path. The first step in becoming a licensed esthetician is to apply for and be accepted into a school.

Many beauty schools offer full service courses and you can either become a cosmetologist, beautician, esthetician or all of the above. Or, you can simply specialize in hair removal and skin care and get licensed as an esthetician. Make sure you choose a school with a good reputation that can help you with placement after graduation.

During the time you are training to become an esthetician you will have hands on experience. During this time, you make valuable contacts that will grow your client base for when you are licensed. You can use these contacts to build your business wherever you go.

Estheticians are in high demand at full service salons and spas. If you are skilled enough, you can get hired on at exclusive resort spas to cater to those who need hair removal services while on vacation. You can also get a job with a physician who specialized in electrolysis.

Because of the expense, most people who opt for this method of hair removal have the disposable income to justify it. In either case, the cost of your education will have a high rate of return. Many people are in need of hair removal services and becoming an esthetician will meet that need as well as allow you to have a stable career in a lucrative industry.


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