Hair Removal – The Epilator Lesser

A lesser is a small electronic device (the size of an electric razor) that works in the same way as tweezers. You can use it anywhere on your body, where you have unwanted hair – from the bikini line on your back and legs.

Epilator Lesser

In the body of the epilator are “pinch” devices that pinch everything that comes in contact, including even the smallest hair. After the hair is compressed, the device continues to roll on the skin, pulling the hair while it moves.

As the epilator pulls the hair at the root, the hair will not return to the surface of the skin for several days, up to several weeks, leaving the skin soft and silky, unlike shaving that only removes the part of the hair follicle. The epilator is recommended for people who often have “shadows at five o’clock”, or straw at the end of the day after shaving.


There are several ways to remove unwanted hair: we can try to remove the hair by shaving, which gives a very temporary result. For a more permanent result, we can try the laser or electrolysis treatment. The problem is that these methods of hair removal can be very expensive in the long term.

A frequently forgotten epilation is the epilator, which will give you a result that can last up to 4 weeks! These products are available in many manufacturers, but Braun hair removers and Remington epilators are often preferable.


What is epilator?

This is a device that removes hair by grabbing several hair simultaneously. The mechanism then continues to pull the hair out of the root. The benefit of this system is that you can achieve similar effects as tweezers or hair removal, but the process is usually much faster and more efficient.

The main disadvantage of using these products is that the process can be very painful when you pull your hair out of the root. It is said that as more and more hair removal treatment carried out, the strength of this pain smaller and smaller.

Tip: first wax, and then remove the regeneration with epilator.

Rotating Spring

This is a previous type epilator that contains a coil or spring as removal head. This is a slight bend, so the spring pulls aside while turning. When you move this rotating spring onto your hair, it grabs your hair and pulls it out. The main disadvantage of this epilator is that the spring is prone to wear and often needs to be replaced.

Rotating Disc


The Rotating Disc epilator operates as a type of spring, with the difference that instead of a spring, there are a number of rotating discs side by side. When the disc rotates, they approach the side that touches the hair and tear them off. This system has been improved to produce most modern epilators – usually found in tweezers

Tweezer Epilator

The clip epilator is similar to the type of rotating disc, except that instead of the disc, the metal plate is housed in a plastic box. When the head is spinning, the board “compresses” each time it is turned. This produces a cycle of scratches, pulling, and then shedding hair. Only the “pinched” rotating part is exposed to the hair you want to remove.

Aside from pain, the main disadvantage of this method of hair removal is that sometimes the hair can break when pulled. This is especially true if the hair is rough. This can give the area a “st” feel.

Modern epilators usually come with a rechargeable battery. The last thing you want is to drag threads while you work. You can even get a small portable epilator to get you a night!

So, if you are looking for a cheaper way to get rid of hair, you get better results than shaving without the need for laser hair removal or electrolysis and why not try depilatories.

Either the epilator is an electronic device and therefore difficult to master does not start. Here are some tips to help you use your epilator as a professional:


  1. Always use your epilator after a hot bath or bath. The water will help expand the pores and relax in the hairline, making it easier or less painful to remove. Have this spirit or hair removal device and an electronic device and should not be used in or near water.
  2. Shoot the skin to learn by pointing out any excess skin by ensuring it. When the epilator rolls through the skin, it passes through the disc and the qualifier in the same way, including a loose one.
  3. He eats. You can feel the hair removal of your hair follicles. The more you work slowly, the more complete the hair removal job will be.
  4. Move in the direction of hair growth. Unlike shaving, or it forces you to go against the hair grain, or the epilator, it is quick and easy to use with your hair. When you have a hair and a brow for an epilator, you never get up, which, in any other way, can be used as a razor.
  5. Your skin may be sensitive after use or epilator. You can use mineral oil to soften your skin. However, it is not recommended to use lotion, because the chemical agents contained in the lotion can cause rashes and coetaneous irritations.
  6. After a session of hair removal, clean your epilator cleanly so as not to obstruct the machines.

Many people find that they start using or epilating, they do not want to go back to a traditional shave or hair removal. In fact, either epilator and faster and longer than or shave, but painful years of collateral salts accompany hair removal. It’s called no or try, there’s no better time; You do not fear anything to lose, but the hair is unwanted!

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