Tips to Grow Facial Hair

Beards, Moustaches and Goatee’s are just some of the examples of facial hair styles. Facial hair is a defining sex characteristic and is more evident in males after puberty. The growth of facial hair depends on many things, like testosterone levels, genetics and race.

As boys, it’s after we reach puberty that we notice the increased growth of our facial hair. This is a result of the spike in testosterone levels in the body. But a common problem for a percentage of the male population is that even during this period they are unable to grow facial hair. If you happen to be one of those unfortunate few, don’t worry, this article is for you!

Grow Facial hair Faster

There are many proven ways to help grow facial hair. But first you must identify whether is a clinical problem such as a testosterone deficiency or if its genetics. This is because some ethnicities have normal levels of testosterone but are unable to grow facial hair because of genetic issues.

Sometimes time can be the answer because some people are ‘late-bloomers’. If you think that’s not the case, regular shaving could help as well. Continuous shaving can do the trick because that makes the hair coarser and hence more visible. Note that repeated shaving makes the hair thicker, not grow faster.

If that doesn’t work you can try increasing the protein in your diet. Hair is made of keratin which is a protein. Hence, increasing the protein content in your diet could help grow facial hair faster. The next alternative is testosterone booster injections which have to be prescribed by a doctor.

The negative of that is it can cause a hormonal imbalance in the body which can lead to other ailments. You can also resort to physical exercise, to help grow facial hair faster. This way, the body will produce its own excess testosterone. It’s slower but much healthier than testosterone boosters.

Another method to grow facial hair faster is by using an electric razor to shave. This usually makes the hair very coarse in a short amount of time. As long as it’s not a genetic issue, there is always an easy way to help grow facial hair.

But it is advisable that you consult a doctor before taking any drastic measures. There are other methods that boast they can help you grow facial hair but even then it’s better to get, medical advice on using them.

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