Grow Facial hair Faster

Growing up is not an easy thing for most of us. The most challenging part of the problems, however, came during puberty. At puberty, all of us went through the same changes, only not all at the same time. While some of us experienced the signs faster, the rest we can say were not so lucky.

These guys ended up feeling insecure about themselves and suffering the first part of the teenage life. The most desired sign for most guys that age is facial hair. Facial hair at that age is sacred. It is the ultimate significance of being a man and no longer a boy. It is, therefore, only normal for a guy to start panicking when facial hair growth is slow or has a delayed start.

While, the main factor affecting facial hair is genetics, there are other little aspects that may speed up the growth of facial hair. To grow facial hair faster, the main thing is to have an important diet. Lack of nutrients in the body can contribute to facial hair growing slower than usual.

Nutrients in this case are not just food with high contents of carbohydrates and fats. Rather, it is foods that have high contents of vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. A proper balance of these vitamins in a teenage guy’s diet could help grow facial hair faster.

Grow Facial hair Faster

Sleep is another factor that affects the growth of facial hair. As teenagers all of us tend to have had late nights, which meant that we would not get the required amount of sleep per night. Insufficient sleep can have several unpleasant affects.

It can cause stunted growth as well as cause hair to be weak and brittle. This can prevent a guy from being able to grow facial hair faster. Hence, it is a good idea to get the required amount of sleep every night in order to grow facial hair faster.

Teenage years are also the years with the most stress. Keeping up at school plus having a social life can really ask a lot out of a person undergoing so much of hormonal activity. Stress is another major factor that prevents a guy from being able to grow facial hair faster.

Finding ways to reduce this stress will most certainly help grow facial hair faster. In addition keeping your face moistened and exfoliated will stimulate the growth of hair, so you can grow facial hair faster.

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