What is The Best Way to Remove Female Facial Hair

Hair on women is certainly a normal occurrence as the body is completely covered by hair whether you are a male or female, except in certain areas of the body such as the lips, palms and the soles of feet. The amount of hair one would grow is regarded to be fixed at earth when amount of hair follicles are set and this is dependent on genetics. We all have two types of hair.

female facial hair

The first type which is thicker is referred to as terminal hair and is found on the eyebrows and head. The softer and finer vellus hairs are found all over the rest of the body. Male type hormones can however transform some vellus hair into terminal hair.

However a woman with excessive hair or higher levels of female facial hair may find it an embarrassing state of affairs in modern society which through various means has set the idea in place that women should ideally be smooth with a normal hair growth and strictly devoid of female facial hair.

Female facial hair that is of particular embarrassment to women are the ones that appear on the upper lip and chin. They can also appear along the neck. This then brings us to the question of how best to remove female facial hair. There are in fact several methods of female facial hair removal and should be considered along with the sensitivity levels of the skin.

Electrolysis is one such method and is more of a permanent hair removal system that is fairly complete and thorough and involves the destruction of the hair growing mechanism. Another method is the removal of female facial hair by laser, which however can give varying results of success.

While it works for some women it doesn’t work completely for others so it is best to get this sort of treatment done through a professional and after some level of research.

Probably the most common method for removing female facial hair is waxing or sugaring. This is done by applying hot wax or sugar on the area with excess hair and pulling it off once it hardens. This cost effective and easy method also removes dead skin cells leaving the skin smoother.

However care should be taken to ensure that one doesn’t burn oneself with extra hot wax or sugar in the hair removal process. Hair inhibitors that disable hair growth and tweezing are two other forms of easy and cost effective methods for female facial hair removal.


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