Facial Hair Removal Techniques

Today, it is just a handful of men that sport beards. Most women find that they too encounter this androgen-driven problem at some stage in their lives, which gives rise to unwanted or excess facial hair, instead of the smooth, hairless, baby soft skin they prefer; making facial hair removal, a booming business for beauticians.


Facial hair removal techniques that are available now are indeed diverse, and vary with regard to permanency, ease of implementation and cost. Each is geared to meet the needs of different individuals at different times, each of whom may opt to use one or more of these methods over the course of their lives.

Shaving is one of the most common forms of facial hair removal, preferred by most males, due to the fact that it is a low-cost, painless option that requires only the use of a razor, shaving foam and perhaps some after-shave lotion. When it comes to excess facial hair; women, on the other hand, prefer to exhaust other options prior to using the razor. This is not just due to the minor cuts, ingrown hairs or the quick resultant re-growth that may result, but due to the distinct masculine connotation that shaving and its consequential stubble is associated with.

Hair removal creams, gels and lotions, referred to as “depilatories”, are another popular method of facial hair removal. It is painless, easily obtainable and generally its results last for a couple of days at least. However people, who suffer from sensitive skin, may be subject to chemical dermatitis or allergies after its use; so it must be used with caution in such instances.

Threading is another precise method of facial hair removal, which has been in practice from the days of yore and is used mostly for the shaping of eyebrows or removing a light growth above the upper lip. It uses no chemicals and its effects somewhat long-lasting; but if done incorrectly, it can indeed be a painful experience. Tweezing and coil hair removers too present a similar list of pros and cons, and can be carried out with relative ease.

Another facial hair removal technique that is fast gaining popularity is waxing. Sugaring too follows somewhat of a similar process, in which re-growth of hair is relatively slow; and so individuals can be assured of hairless skin, for a considerable time period.

Laser hair removal techniques are also becoming increasingly popular, as its effects can last upto 3 months, but this is a comparatively expensive option of treatment.

One of the most reliable methods of facial hair removal is electrolysis. Unfortunately, it can be costly and time consuming, but some find this to be worthwhile in the long run, as its effects are permanent.


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