Eyebrow Waxing at the Salon

Waxing is a quite popular means of hair removal, especially for women. Women use waxing as a method of hair removal for legs, underarms, bikini area and the face. Waxing can easily be done at home and with practice, it can be quite easy to do.

However, some people tend to use a salon for various parts of their body they need waxed because they are not confident they can do it themselves with the skill needed. Eyebrow waxing is one of the most common areas of the body many women go to a salon for as opposed to eyebrow waxing at home.

Eyebrow Waxing

The eyebrow is a prominent feature of the face and can enhance the appearance. It is also a rather tricky area to wax because you have to get the shape of it just right. You do not want to wax too much of the hair or you will look like you have no eyebrows at all.

You also want to ensure you get a perfect line and remove any hairs that are not within the line. Additionally, the shape and arch of the eyebrow is very important and it takes some knowledge and skill to attain that perfect look.

If you don’t do it correctly you could get that “perpetually surprised” look as opposed to beautifully shaped brows that enhance the features of the face and eyes.

Many women are nervous about trying to get the perfect look in their eyebrows at home for fear of making an error then having to live with it until their eyebrows grow back. However, professional hair removal specialists are trained and certified in this technique so you have nothing to fear if you go to a salon. You can get eyebrow waxing at full service salons or beauty parlors. Most places that do hair and nails also offer waxing and hair removal services as well.

The cost for eyebrow waxing can range from $5.00 to $20.00 with approximately $15.00 as the average cost. It can be done much cheaper at home but the expertise and experience afforded to you at professional salons make the expense well worth it.

Added to this is benefit of not having to go back very frequently for hair removal. You can even use tweezers to help keep stray hairs at bay in between waxing sessions.

Hair removal for the eyebrows is a very easy, quick and rather painless process when done in a salon. The stylist will first brush your eyebrows so their natural shape is clearly defined. If you have any special requests such as wanting ultra thin eyebrows or only sparsely waxed eyebrows, make sure you let the hair removal specialist know.

The person waxing your eyebrows will apply an astringent, typically with a cotton ball. This will reduce the pain and ease irritation of sensitive skin. With hazel is a common astringent used for this purpose.

Next, the shape of the eyebrow is determined and the wax is applied. The wax is applied either by using a tool similar to a spatula but smaller or with a wax roller, a tool that has the hot wax in a hand held container and the wax is rolled on to the brow.

The cloth strips are then placed over the wax and smoothed on by applying pressure and rubbing in one direction. Typically small muslin strips are used for the hair removal.

Next comes the painful part. However, it lasts seconds so is not too traumatic. Plus, the hair is not nearly as course and most women have tweezed before so of all waxing procedures, this one is typically the least painful.

The stylist will pull the skin so it is tight then remove the strip in one quick stroke. Both eyebrows will be completed in just a few minutes and you’ll have perfectly shaped and clean looking brows. Afterwards, witch hazel is applied to the brows to reduce the risk of irritation. You should avoid using makeup for a few hours afterward also.

Hair removal is a necessary process for women and waxing is one of the preferred methods for lasting results. Although some waxing can easily be done at home which is more private and less costly, some areas are recommended for salon waxing instead. The eyebrows are one such place. You will have the confidence that your eyebrows will look perfect with salon waxing.


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