DO’s and DON’Ts When Doing Laser Hair Removal

Today we are going to focus on some do’s and don’ts when it comes to laser removal. I’ve had so many questions around this and so many people are unsure of all the things that you must do and all the things that you shouldn’t do when dream laser hair removal.

do and don't laser hair removal

So use the list of do’s and don’ts supplied by Vanessa from the skin and laser statex where I had my laser hair removal done. I hope it answers all your questions. I’ll also leave her details down below so you guys can check it out. I also have discount codes for you guys to use if you work with her but without further ado let’s get into the do’s and don’ts.

So let’s start with the do’s before your actual treatment. understand increment that it’s going to take several sessions to achieve the best result. If you just go for one session it’s not going to be that effective because you think about it he grows in different stages. So they might still be here underneath the surface with the laser cannot get to you. so you ever take about six to eight sessions, depending on a lot of things and it will also be spaced out.

If you’ll notice I didn’t you recommend the consultation and a little patch test to make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into but really the Machine Vanessa uses is so great and it’s really not painful. This one is really important you have to shave the area being treated.

The day or not before the actual treatments of the ladies I can zap it from the top and it will give you more effective results. also when you shave make sure that you shave carefully so you don’t damage the skin and have like bumps and nicks and that sort of thing.

At least one month before your treatment make sure that you always be a sunblock or at least that is if Ohio, you are just in to be the natural color and not sun damage so the machine settings can seat your skin type perfectly and then give you the best results.

So let’s look at some don’ts before you start your treatment. Do not expose us into the Sun or any Sun bed one month prior to your treatment like mentioned previously we want the best results. So you want your natural skin color to come through and for those settings to match up perfectly.

This one is really important why are you doing all your treatments. you want to shave and not wax pluck tweeze or anything like that. We need to try and preserve the roots area and the pigments and once again it’s just going to give you the best results.

If you don’t do this avoid the use of the Emily perfect creams or lotions before your treatment as this can also irritate the skin and then also don’t wear any deodorant before you go for your treatment. Don’t be nervous to communicate so ask any questions while doing your session.

It’s important for Vanessa to know that you are absolutely comfortable. So if you’re feeling any discomfort she can always change the settings on the machine until you are completely comfortable and the treatment is painless.

Now we’re going to look at some Dee’s while you are doing your laser treatment. on arrival of your first appointment. It’s very important to go through the consultation fill out your medical form so Vanessa knows exactly what she’s working with.

She will do a full assessment here and identify which settings on the machine she has seen you. So this fancy word which is actually just something for like little red bumps can occur during and post treatments so don’t freak out if that happens.

A different do is to wear protective our way during your treatments. Make sure that you follow all Vanessa’s home care instructions and also with your next treatment make sure to update ur of any sun exposure or anything that might have changed.

Okay so now you’ve done your laser here is the do’s for after doing your laser. Immediately after your treatment, Vanessa will apply a post laser treatment. It’s to take the Streetman home and keep applying it to make sure that the skin really stays Rapide and predicted.

For the next one always after your treatment you only wanna use water to wash the area treated, so no soap and then also just gently Pat the area dry. This is really going to make sure that you don’t have irritated skin or any other problems. avoid exfoliating or peels after week of your treatment.

If you have to follow a skin resume make sure that you follow it up with the person doing your laser to ensure that the products are going to work well with the area treated. Understand the Hayes shading will happen so it will kind of look likely he’s grown out for the next ten days and then it will eventually fall out.

Okay now here’s the don’ts for after your laser. Don’t apply makeup to the area being cheated obviously if you gene your legs but this is not really applicable. Do not rub squeeze or expose the air to any Sun. If you’re cheating your underarms also don’t apply any deodorant after for at least 12 hours.

For the next 12 hours you shouldn’t steam sauna or exercise. once again you wanna reiterate the fact that you shouldn’t plaque or tweeze. You will feel the need to pull some of the heat out while it’s at its shading phase but this will really compromise your treatment result so make sure not to touch it and just let it be.

So those on my do’s and don’ts when you’re doing laser hair removal, I hope these are helpful and really informative.

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