DM-4050-DLX Personal Laser Hair Remover Review

If you are looking for an efficient, practical and user-friendly home hair removal device, DM-4050-DLX Personal Laser Hair Remover is the answer. It has excellent features such as the 54jmm2 core working at 808nm which makes it 4 times more powerful as its primary competitor.

It also has a thumb switch that makes activation convenient and easy, and it uses high-intensity pulses that accelerates the destruction of the hair follicles, leading to permanent inhibition of hair growth.

DM-4050-DLX Personal Laser Hair Remover Review

The system comes in a package that includes a laser module with an 808nm pinpoint beam on 0-54 Jmm2, 1 laser power supply, 1 ounce carbon dye gel, a pair of laser protection eye wear, 1 ounce of 2% pre-treatment lidocaine gel, an ounce of anti-androgenous post-treatment gel, a pair of tweezers and manual.

This home hair removal system is very precise, using a full 54 Joules/mm2/second, which means that it is very precise, perfect for detailed hair by hair treatment.

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The DM-4050-DLX is manufactured by BioTechnique, a leader in laser systems for personal or professional use. Many salons and spa use the DM-4050-DLX because it is precise and the setup works great for eyebrow contouring, laser shaving, removing facial hair and more.

The kit is Deluxe and includes a 2% lidocaine topical solution to numb the area and minimize the pain felt when the hair follicle is zapped. It also works on 115 to 240 volts.

DM-4050-DLX Personal Laser Hair Remover Review

The DM-4050-DLX personal laser hair removal system is a long pulse laser epilator, but don’t let that wordy description overwhelm you. Nothing comes close to this system because it works really fast, and it is very precise.

It is designed to be used even by a novice or someone who doesn’t have experience in epilation, yet. It is available in two colors, and can be used for 5000 hours or 3 to 5 years.

The laser output is easily activated by the thumb switch conveniently located on the module that’s made of stainless steel. The emission zone is precise, and is excellent for hair-by-hair epilation.

You should read the instruction manual carefully before using the product, and always wear the protective glasses that comes with it during epilation. Take note that you can’t wear the protective glasses over your prescription glasses, so it’d be best to let someone else do it for you or wear contact lenses when you use the DM-4050-DLX.

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