Chest and Back Hair Removal with Waxing

Waxing is often considered a strictly female process. However, waxing for men is becoming more popular these days. Most men choose waxing as a process for hair removal for their chest and back. Some men may feel that back hair is unsightly and choose to wax it for a long term solution.

Chest and Back Hair Removal

Some men may also feel the same about chest hair or they are body builders who need to accentuate their muscle tone without the distraction of chest hair. Other men simply choose to comply with the wishes of their significant other and remove the hair that is unwanted.

Waxing is the ideal solution for hair removal for men on the chest and back. It is a fairly simple process and the added benefit is that it lasts a long time. Typically hair growth does not occur for two to six weeks after waxing.

Some men are afraid to use waxing as a hair removal process because of the perceived pain involved. With waxing the hair is removed from the root by pulling it out with the use of wax and cloth strips. Does it sound painful? It can be a bit but there are so many advantages that it can be worth it.

First, the back is not as sensitive as other areas of the body so it naturally does not hurt as much. Also, with regular waxing, hair removal is easier. The hair follicles weaken and each subsequent procedure will be less painful. Your first time may be a bit uncomfortable but it is certainly not unbearable pain.

The chest is a bit more sensitive but as with the back, each time gets easier and less painful. You can wax chest and back hair easily at home or you can go to a professional salon for hair removal. For the back and chest it is advisable to have someone else help you.

If done at home, waxing can be accomplished with the help of the person you live with. It is too difficult to get a good angle on the cloth strips to effectively remove the hair. You may also find contorting uncomfortable and you will be unable to get all areas, leaving patches of hair that will be even more unsightly.

So, having the help of someone else is advisable. For single men, professional salon waxing is a great alternative. Before waxing the chest and back, an astringent should be used. This will help anesthetize the area so removal is less painful and it will also help soothe irritated skin.

The wax is applied with a spatula in workable strips to the areas where hair removal should occur. A strip of cloth is then placed over the wax and smoothed so it sticks to as much of the wax as possible. The skin is pulled tight and the cloth is pulled off, taking the hair with it upon removal. The entire process does not take a lot of time and can be accomplished in a few minutes.

The process is repeated until all hair removal is accomplished. After the waxing, a soothing lotion may be applied to reduce the amount of redness and any red bumps that may appear. Chest and back hair can be removed quickly and easily with very little discomfort. Keep in mind that the hair needs to be approximately a quarter of an inch long. When you are ready to get it removed again, the process will be even less painful than the first time.

Over a period of time, with regular waxing, you will even start to see a reduction in hair on the back and chest. You may find that you can wait longer between waxing than when you first started out. For a long lasting hair removal solution, waxing is ideal. So, do not think of waxing anymore as a woman’s process. Waxing can also be great for men to remove unwanted hair on the chest or back.


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