Benefits of Waxing for Hair Removal

To wax or not to wax, that is the question. When deciding upon hair removal options, waxing is certainly something to be considered. Waxing is a great solution for both men and women for hair removal on various parts of the body. Facial waxing, chest, back, bikini waxing, legs and arms area are all areas of the body where unwanted hair can be removed with waxing.

However, some people are a bit leery about waxing, especially if they have never waxed before. The two main reasons people hesitate to use waxing is the belief that waxing is incredibly painful and that it leaves unsightly red bumps on the body.

Benefits of Waxing

While it is true that both reasons are somewhat valid, there are ways to reduce both with proper care and waxing techniques. Plus, there are many additional benefits to waxing that make the process very much worth it. First, consider the pain involved in waxing.

The process of waxing removes the hair at the root by using wax to adhere to the hair and then a strip of cloth is placed over it and used to rip off the wax. This even sounds painful. However, there is good news. The more often you wax, the less painful the hair removal will be. This is because the hair follicles weaken over time and it becomes easier to remove.

Additionally, an astringent should be used which will help soothe the skin and make waxing less painful. Red bumps may occur but with proper after care this can be minimized. Redness usually goes away after a few hours. Waxing will last a long time, though, so even if you are hesitant because of redness or pain, you will not have to go through the procedure very often.

Waxing lasts from two to six weeks before you will need to get it done again. This is a very convenient method of hair removal and one of the best advantages. Also, if you wax regularly, you will see that hair tends to grow back softer. Over time, you will even have less hair growth and the time between applications will lengthen.

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Waxing is a relatively inexpensive method of hair removal even if you get it done in a salon by professionals. With the infrequency of the applications needed for effective hair loss this can be very cost effective. However, you can wax at home to save even more money. The least expensive way to wax at home is to make homemade hair removal wax.

This can be accomplished quickly with products typically found in your pantry. Sugar, water, honey and lemon juice are the most common ingredients in homemade hair wax. The substance will last a long time in the refrigerator and keeps the cost at a few cents per application. This in conjunction with how long you wait between applications makes waxing much more cost effective than shaving.

Waxing is much faster than any other type of hair removal system. Large blocks of hair are removed at once. Even if you are waxing larger areas such as the back or chest, it can be completed in a matter of minutes.

So, if you are debating the drawbacks of waxing, especially any discomfort you may experience, consider that you will not experience it for very long. This is great to allay any fears you may have and also an ideal solution for people are busy and want to get things done as quickly as possible.

Waxing has many benefits. Its long lasting affects are typically the most common reason people opt for waxing over other forms of hair removal. You can go on vacation or go for weeks in the summer without having to worry about hair growing back quickly.

Waxing, especially if done at home, is an inexpensive solution for hair removal. Over time, hair will grow back softer, finer and sparser. So, it is an ideal way to remove hair for a semi-permanent solution. If you need a hair removal system, waxing has many advantages with very few shortcomings.


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