All about Underarm Waxing

Waxing is definitely one of the most popular forms of hair removal around nowadays. It is more popular than other methods of hair removal because of the length of time it lasts before hair begins to re grow. While shaving is also quite popular, it can be very expensive over time and it is something that needs to be maintained every couple days at the most.

Waxing, however, can be very inexpensive and lasts a lot longer. This is very convenient for most people and is especially desired for in the summer and when vacationing. Women tend to use waxing more than men especially on particular parts of the body such as their underarms. Men who are swimmers or body builders, though, will often wax their underarms as well.

Underarm waxing

In today’s society most women and some men remove the hair on their underarms. In order to keep up with new hair growth, shaving dictates that the underarms will need to be shaved daily for most people. Some people who have sparse hair or light colored hair may be able to get away with waiting a day or two between shavings but most do it every day when bathing.

Even though the underarms are small areas, it still takes time and is a hassle to attend to every day. This is why waxing is so popular with women. Instead of having to deal with underarm hair removal on a daily basis, they can wait anywhere from two to six weeks before needing to get another treatment.

Underarm waxing can be conducted in a salon or spa by a professional hair removal specialist like an esthetician. This is a very convenient option as you can get it done by a professional who will wax quickly and easily. Often the process is not very expensive but can build up over time.

If you have the luxury of going to a licensed esthetician for hair removal this is often recommended. But, if you would like to save some money, hair removal in the underarms can be performed at home with a little practice.

First, make sure the area is clean and completely dry. However, take care not to scrub the area or use harsh soaps or exfoliating gels prior to waxing. If you do, this can irritate the skin and make aftercare of the area more painful.

Apply talcum powder to the underarms very lightly to help the wax adhere to the skin and ensure the area is dry. You should hold the arm you are waxing above your head so the skin is tight and easy to reach. Apply a thin lawyer of the hair removal wax, smooth the cloth strip over it and pull quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Waxing the underarm can be more painful than waxing other areas of the body because the skin is more sensitive. You also may have more problems such as skin sensitivity and irritation after waxing. However, with regular hair removal, these issues will lessen with time.

Use a soothing lotion after waxing to help alleviate any discomfort. Also, it is advisable to make sure you take proper precautions for aftercare after waxing. First, you should refrain from using any deodorant that may further irritate the skin for twenty four hours after waxing.

You should also avoid sunlight and high temperatures for forty eight hours. After a few hours, most people will have no discomfort or blotchy skin. If you are especially sensitive, though, it may take a few waxing sessions before you see no ill effects.

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